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Do You Want MORE Students?

Want more Variety in Your Classes?

ADD these PraiseMoves Certifications to your repertoire!


$250 each (Bundles Save $50 to $500!)

Add’l certifications $250 each (SAVE BIG WITH BUNDLES!)

2 FOR $450 (Save $50)
3 FOR $675 (Save $75)
4 FOR $850 (Save $150)
5 FOR $1050 (Save $200)
6 FOR $1200 (Save $300)
7 Certifications $1250 (Save $500 - That's "Buy 5, get 2 FREE!")

* Click one of the Orange buttons to pay for certifications.

** Write to us or We'll ask which certifications you'd like.

*** You have ONE YEAR to complete each certification.

NO Renewal Fees! Can request more time to complete.

Add'l PraiseMoves Certifications

  • PraiseMoves Gold (Teach Seniors & Limited Mobility)
  • PraiseKicks (Kickboxing with the Word)
  • MIRA! (Christian Fitness with a Latin Beat)
  • PraiseWaves (Aqua PraiseMoves)
  • L.I.F.T. (Laughter-In-Fitness-Training)
  • PraiseBarre (Barre + PraiseMoves)
  • HipHop2Scripture (Fun Hip Hop Moves to Scripture)
  • POWER PraiseMoves (High-powered PraiseMoves!)
  • Praiselates (coming in June 2023! Pre-Purchase. PraiseMoves-infused Pilates!)

Want to

learn more

about each


Simply go to PraiseMoves.com and put the certification which interests you in the search bar.

You can find workouts we've done on 3rd Thursdays as well as pages describing the various Word-based certifications.

What a great way to add more VARIETY to your classes and bring in MORE STUDENTS, too! 😉

Let's not only KICK YOGA OUT OF THE CHURCHES...but let's bring some new, exciting forms of Fitness Ministry to the masses!


Simply write to us at the office at info@praisemoves.com

Dr. Laurette