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Enjoy teaching a combination of Barre and PraiseMoves for ONLY $125!

Barre exercise is very popular right now.

PraiseBarre will take your Ministry to the Next Level!

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What is PraiseBarre?

Can I do it?

Are you familiar with Barre?

Barre exercises involve stretching, strengthening, isometric holds, and low-impact cardio.

Barre classes attract people who want to develop lean muscle tone.

Benefits include improved strength, posture, flexibility, balance, stability, endurance, and muscle definition, together with weight loss and reduced stress.

The exercises target muscles that support and stabilize the body and which are often neglected in everyday life and by other forms of exercise.

In general, present-day barre classes are known to use combinations of Ballet,  Pilates, and traditional resistance training.  More and more people have become interested in a relatively low-impact form of exercise that promotes long, lean muscles.

Our goal with PraiseBarre is a fusion of PraiseMoves and low-impact barre/ballet exercises, allowing participants of any level to enjoy classes with you!

Equipment Required?

NO Ballet Barre

You will need a FOLDING CHAIR and an Exercise mat.


* Barre socks

(can also wear sneakers or go barefoot)

* Small Bender ball or Pilates ball

* Light hand weights

* Resistance Loop Exercise bands

* Gliding discs

(If not sure what some of these optional items are, check Amazon. All available at reasonable prices there and on similar sites)

Sounds Fun!

It is!

PraiseBarre is fun, dynamic, and creative.

Teaching PraiseBarre will give you a chance to express yourself while helping other people grow in their relationship with the Lord.

At the same time, your students will increase their fitness level, flexibility, strength, and attitude about exercising.

It’s a *blessed blast* and loads of FUN!!!

BENEFITS of PraiseBarre

·  Internalizing more scripture through movement, meditation, and declaration

·  Praising the Lord – incorporating more rejoicing and praise into our day

·  Increased Strength

·  Cardiovascular conditioning and endurance

·  Weight loss

·  Increased bone density

·  Coordination and gracefulness

·  Increased body awareness

·  Better posture

·  Expanded lung capacity

·  Flexibility & Balance

·  Improved brain function

Our 7 basic PraiseBarre moves correspond with the 7 Hebrew words for PRAISE.

When you follow the 7-step template, you have a PraiseBarre Class!

1-Yadah; 2-Hallal; 3-Towdah; 4-Shabach;

5-Bārakh; 6-Zamar; and 7-Tehillah

Each of the 7 PraiseBarre moves has corresponding PRAISE scriptures from Psalms!

What's included in my Certification?

WHEN is the Training Available?

RIGHT NOW!!! We recorded the PraiseBarre Training with Dr. Laurette at the 2021 PraiseMoves Conference. You get to experience the FIRST PraiseBarre Certification right now. And you have an ENTIRE YEAR to complete it (although most complete it in a few weeks).

COST? $125 - the same as all of our additional CPI certifications. No renewal fees for additional certifications as long as you are a licensed CPI in good standing.


* You must be in good physical health.

* Even though we do NOT do PraiseMoves postures during the main body of our PraiseBarre workout, these PraiseMoves postures will give you a good idea of some of the movements we do in a PraiseBarre workout.

To know if this certification is for you or not, try these postures now and see if you can do them fairly easily:

The Altar - Are you able to move into The Altar posture from a standing position AND then come back up to a standing position?

The Cross - Are you able to move into The Cross posture from The Altar on one side and then easily do The Cross on the other side? We can do modifications, but things move more quickly in PraiseBarre than they do in a regular PraiseMoves class, so you will want to be in good shape.

TRY THIS: Follow this sequence and see how easily you can do it: Mt Zion, Tallit (Prayer Shawl), Altar, Cross on one side and then on the other side. Now, walk your hands back to your feet to do Tallit (Prayer Shawl), and roll back up to Mt. Zion. Can you do that 2-3 times with ease?

WAIT A MINUTE...Do I have to be perfect?

No, absolutely not! You don't have to be a gymnast or ballerina either!!! We simply want you to be prepared and not think the PraiseBarre workout will be a "walk in the park." If you can do The Altar and The Cross and come back to a standing position with ease, you will have no trouble doing the PraiseBarre certification.

WHAT IF I CANNOT DO THE ALTAR and THE CROSS and COME BACK TO A STANDING POSITION? We would recommend you wait until you can do so.

Will there be a test?

There will NOT be a Final Exam during the training.

However, you WILL be required to submit a video of yourself teaching a short PraiseBarre workout. You will also have the option of doing a ZOOM live with Dr. Laurette and presenting your short PraiseBarre workout that way.

You will not be Certified as a PraiseBarre Instructor until your required short PraiseBarre workout has been submitted and approved by Dr. Laurette.

I've never done a Barre class. What's it like?

I recommend that you to YouTube and look up Barre classes. Try a few and see if you like them. There's a lot of variety.

The PraiseBarre workout Dr. Laurette offers during the second part of the training is a cardio-PraiseBarre workout, so it may be a bit more challenging than some other Barre workouts you've seen.

PraiseBarre workouts can be low-intensity or high-intensity. You will be shown a variety of ways to teach your PraiseBarre class.

Ready to become a Certified PraiseBarre Instructor?

Let's GO!


Certification is only $125

See you on the inside! 🙌🥳🙌

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